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Negative Pressure Surgical Rooms

Used to contain airborne contaminants (e.g., microbial pathogens, chemicals) within a room, to prevent them from drifting to other areas. Perioclinik has set up elegantly-designed high-efficiency negative pressure in surgical rooms so that both droplets and aerosols may be rapidly eliminated via a high-speed vacuum.
The negative pressure approach is the same method that large, specialized hospitals use to prevent the transmission of many airborne pathogens like COVID19, tuberculosis, and measles in the form of negative pressure isolation rooms.

CBCT for Advanced 3D Imaging

The Cone beam computed tomography - CBCT - is an innovative technology that provides advanced 3D imaging of the mouth and teeth with a reduced dose of radiation than that of standard imaging devices. With the use of advanced technology, Dr. Fokam is able to provide patients with effective, gentle and accurate fully guided dental implant surgery. We are proud to carry a CBCT scanner in our clinic.


Full mouth 3D image at a lower dose than conventional CT scanner, without reduction in the image quality
Provides clear and error-free images
Increase patient safety

Low Exposure Digital Dental Radiology

X-rays are an integral part of determining the proper course of action for any periodontal procedure. Our clinic carries only low exposure digital dental radiology technology in order to minimize our patients’ exposure to radiation.


Low Radiation Exposure
Better and immediate images
Detect and address dental issues in the early stages
Helps for accurate treatment planning

Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner creates fast and accurate impressions of a patient’s mouth and teeth in lifelike colors. It replaces conventional impression techniques, creating a more comfortable experience for patients.


Highly accurate digital impressions
Makes faster and easier impression
Great benefit for patient with gag reflex
Reduces the amount of time a patient needs to spend in a dental chair

Surgical Microscope

Dr. Fokam uses a surgical microscope for his procedures to provide the highest degree of success with the most precise minimally invasive method and highest esthetics. incisions remain extremely small and tissues are manipulated with a precise and gentle touch. Wound closure is meticulous with no scarring of the tissue. Patients report enhanced and accelerated healing with little to no discomfort.


Allows the surgeon to see up to 26 times greater than naked eye
Allows very high level of details that are not available with traditional tools
Provides more precision leading to a more accurate and gentler procedure
Better recovery even during extended treatments
Induces less discomfort
Regardless of the procedure (deep cleaning, periodontal plastic surgery, bone grafting, dental implants, or others) the surgical microscope provides patients with a more comfortable, meticulous, and esthetic finish experience.

AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

The AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master is one of the most advanced devices for periodontal debridements. It was created for intensive professional use. This device has been designed with the highest standards of performance, safety, and comfort in mind.


Interactive touch panel easily regulates and adjusts power levels, providing a customized patient experience
Designed with the highest standards of performance, safety, and comfort in mind
Heating system with adjustable water temperature for warm, comfortable treatments that all patients (even cold-sensitive) will accept and enjoy

Digital Patient Charts

Dr. Fokam’s vision of a completely paperless office is coupled today with a strong commitment to the environment. Dr. Fokam has incorporated the most recent updates in digital hardware and software to reduce unnecessary paperwork and clutter. Paper charts have been replaced with highly secure digital charts that are fully encrypted ensuring privacy and security of sensitive data.
The digital chart system means your visit will be faster and more efficient. Features include digital patient charts and digital x-ray systems which are 100% HIPAA compliant.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Digital implant planning allows Dr. Fokam to accurately and efficiently plan and perform guided dental implant surgeries in less time than traditional procedures. Based on the results of your CBCT scan, a customized surgical template is made specific to your jaw and unique treatment plan. Once that’s made, our guided, drilling, and implant insertion is used to achieve highly esthetic outcomes while performing your procedure swiftly, with minimal complications and risks.
Dental implant placement requires skills and attention to detail, because when working in narrow spaces, near nerves and so closely near the maxillary sinus, mistakes cannot be made. With guided dental implant surgery, Dr. Fokam can achieve accurate angulation, correct direction, and precise depth of the drill when placing dental implants. The implants are therefore placed in the correct positioning based on each patient’s needs.


Faster than traditional procedures
More precise implant placement
High esthetic and functional outcomes
Reduces the need for bone grafting

State of the Art Sterilization Center Using Traceability Software

We adhere to very strict sterilization and disinfecting protocol as patient safety is our number one concern. Our clinic uses up to date equipment to ensure that disinfection and sterilization of instruments are done properly. our clinic is also equipped with a reliable traceability software dedicated to sterilization in North America.


Computerize the link between the patient, the medical devices, the sterilization cycle as well as all the tests required to control the biosecurity of this critical process in our clinic
Demonstrate at all times that you comply with the regulations established by the authorities
Submit a complete traceability report at all times to prove that your sterilization process is compliant with the regulations