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Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic procedures at PerioClinik include Oral cancer screenings, biopsies, exploratory surgeries, and 2D/3D digital radiographies.

Oral Cancer Examination

This examination is part of all patient examinations that are performed at PerioClinik. The purpose is to catch any suspicious changes and ensure lesion detection at a stage where it is easier to treat.

A painless, visual examination
We'll check for abnormalities such as unusual bumps
If any suspicious lesion is found, a biopsy is performed
An oral screening should be done once a year


If any suspicious lesion is discovered during the routine oral cancer exam, a small piece of the lesion is removed under local anesthesia and is sent to a lab for microscopic analysis. Dr. Fokam will then go over treatment options.

Exploratory Flap

Most periodontal problems can be diagnosed by a careful oral examination and review of the patient’s X-rays. However, sometimes, clinical testing may not give a clear answer, and there may be no obvious findings on the X-rays either. In these cases, performing an exploratory flap can be helpful to determine the problem and finalize diagnosis and treatment appropriately.

01. Reflecting the gum tissue from the tooth
A temporary process, it allows better visualization and access for the doctor.
02. Surgical Mircroscope
A surgical microscope allows Dr. Fokam to see details of the teeth and root surfaces up to 26 times more clearly than the naked eye. This will help to identify an abnormality with greater accuracy and precision.
03. Treatment
An adequate treatment plan will subsequently be based on the findings.

Pre & Post-Op Instructions

Download our pre-operatory and post-operatory instructions for your sedation treatment.

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