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A surgical procedure that removes the very tip of an infected tooth’s root.


Also known as root end surgery, an apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the very tip of the tooth’s root. It might be necessary in case of an infection expanding after a root canal, which cannot be saved by conventional root canal treatment. The purpose is to preserve the function of your natural tooth.
Benefit: Removes infection around the tooth when the root canal treatment cannot be performed keep teeth that would have otherwise be extracted
Disadvantage: The length of the tooth root is reduced

Procedure Process

At PerioClinik, a surgical microscope allows Dr. Fokam to perform very minimally invasive apicoectomies with thorough curettage/removal of any surrounding infection.
01. Local Anesthesia is Applied
Sometimes oral or IV sedatives can also be used to achieve a higher state of relaxation depending on the needs of an individual patient. Local anesthesia is used to make you comfortable.
02. Small Incision is Made
An incision is made in the gum near the tooth to expose and eliminate inflamed/infected tissues.
03. Root Tip Removal
The tip of the tooth’s root is removed.
04. Sealing & Filling
The end of the root canal is sealed with a small filling.

Pre & Post Op Instructions

Download our pre-operatory and post-operatory instructions for your Apicoectomy procedure.

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